About Us

About Make Moves

Make Moves is a Chicago based, family-owned real estate investing and marketing company that is all about being positive and encouraging others. 
Make Moves Corporation was inspired when we found ourselves seriously asking…
  • How can we start building long-term wealth?
  • How can we make a way for us to work from home and spend more time with our family?
  • How can we learn about different income opportunities?
With a few enlightening life experiences and changes in perspective, we were able to answer these questions. Make Moves is in the business of sharing an opportunity in which our family is grateful to have come across. We have been educating ourselves and our peers on Real Estate Investing - the most efficient and highly recommended method of building wealth.
Our ultimate goal is to be a resource that our audience can comfortably turn to for mentorship, consult and networking purposes. Because we strongly believe that collaboration is better than competition, we welcome you to reach out, connect with us and even join our team! You don’t know what you don’t know, and knowledge is power…so don’t be silly, learn more!

Our Team

Jessica Perez
"I learn so much from everyone I meet. My goal is that everyone that meets me learns something that brings them hope."

Prior to becoming interested in real estate, Jessica dedicated herself to receiving her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Geography at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Upon the end of her studies and the start of her family, Jessica sought to pursue the most efficient route to wealth.

As Co-Founder and President of Make Moves Corporation, Jessica strives to create beautiful homes while ultimately building a business of sharing the experiences and knowledge Make Moves is attaining along the way.

Faris Cano
Director of Operations
"Whatever impression it is that I leave, I hope that it is one that adds character to this world."

Faris is actively pursuing his degree in the medical field while also dedicating time to his family and volunteering with NorthShore University Health Systems. Understanding the need to make a living and to take care of his family while in school, Faris recognized the perfect opportunity to do so passively utilizing Real Estate.

As Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Make Moves Corporation, Faris hopes to help others learn how to challenge the traditional ways of thinking when it comes to creating income opportunities.